Thursday, 3 June 2010

A p N r T a O y N e Y r MIC

aeroplane airoplane aeiroplane
do not fall sick
iam still hungry
you're moving, full
of faces, fingers, minds, toes
over the sea
under the sky
do not fall sick
do not fall sick
i still love you
do not fall sick
you move hate me aeroplane

(aeroplane/aeroplane  airoplane/aeiroplane  do/do  not/not  fall/fall
sick/sick  iam/you're  still/moving  hungry/full  faces/minds  fingers/toes
over/under  the/the  sea/sky  do/do  not/not  fall/fall  sick/sick
i/you  still/move  love/hate  you/me)of

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