Thursday, 3 June 2010

(a) S s U o P n E n R e M t ARKET- not in california

i am nearly asleep in the super-
market somewhere inside this body- wound
in fractals waiting in the stomach- hands-
tongue- crushed by a vision that is not mine-
eyeing closely the neon bananas
that make me taste like nothing- wishing i
had you in my pocket- ginsberg- you are
too big- and you- thomas pynchon- what are
you doing down there laughing at the soup?
what price everything? my face- in a jar
is bending its way around old onions-
i watch the guard and feel absurdly thin
walking in my imagination to my bed-
knowing i will not be preserved.

A p N r T a O y N e Y r MIC

aeroplane airoplane aeiroplane
do not fall sick
iam still hungry
you're moving, full
of faces, fingers, minds, toes
over the sea
under the sky
do not fall sick
do not fall sick
i still love you
do not fall sick
you move hate me aeroplane

(aeroplane/aeroplane  airoplane/aeiroplane  do/do  not/not  fall/fall
sick/sick  iam/you're  still/moving  hungry/full  faces/minds  fingers/toes
over/under  the/the  sea/sky  do/do  not/not  fall/fall  sick/sick
i/you  still/move  love/hate  you/me)of
the clouds move close
the moon far
a cigarette pulled to my mouth
a ground still far from you
under me, close
a water lifting
the air pushed from your nose
close to me

(the/a  clouds/ground  move/still
close/far  the/a  moon/water
a/the  cigarette/air
pulled/pushed  to/from  my/your
mouth/nose  gravity/lifting
far/close  from/to  you/me)

(plsntm) a n t o n y m i c t r n s l t n

some many years now i've heard you everywhere
your voice leans
you told me -
the body moves the mind
you are very moving
my ear stands up
(i am not quite still)
a mind stills a body somewhere
every few seconds- you said
i heard

(some/every  many/few  years/seconds
your/my  voice/ear leans/stands up
you/i  told/heard  me/you  the/a
body/mind  moves/stills  the/a  mind/body
you/i  are/am not  very/quite  moving/still
i've/you  heard/said  everywhere/somewhere)now thankyou